Types of collar closures

To provide you a long time joy with your new collar, I only use high-quality closures.

Silver coloured d-rings and buckles are made of stainless steel, gold coloured metal fittings are made of brass.

Adjustable buckle collars

 Sighthound collar with buckle

My buckle collars are made with 5 holes with a distance of 1.5 cm, to adjust the size. The collar will have your provided neck circumference when it is closed in the mid hole.

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 Buckle collars with metal loops

sighthound collar with roller buckle

You can order your collar also with a loop made of metal instead of leather and/or a silver coloured roller buckle. This is a good variant especially for very small necks (25 cm and less), but possible for all neck sizes.
Important! If you wish this variant please state this with your order. Otherwise your collar will be crafted with a loop made of leather.

Martingale Style Collars

Martingale collar

My martingale style collars / limited slip collars  will be slipped over the head of your dog and are loose-fitting around its neck.
Only if your dog pulls the lead, the collar will be tightened to the correct size of your dog´s neck. That way it would not choke your dog!  In this state the collar cannot slip over the head (provided the head circumference (A) is bigger than the smallest neck circumference (B)). That makes martingale style collar / limited slip collar very escape-proof.
Please note that martingale style collars / limited slip collars are not adjustable!

The collars are crafted with 3 d-rings made of stainless steel or brass and a strap made of webbing. You can choose the colour of that strap from different webbing colours.