Font Type 4, Various colours

Name Collar

Possible widths: 4,5 cm (1.8") / 5 cm (2") / 5,5 cm (2.2") / 6 cm (2.4") / 6,5 cm (2.6") / 7 cm (2.8")

Pictured leather colours: 1. caramel / wine-red 2. Hyacinth / light blue

Thread colours: 1. ruby red 2. light blue

Font art: Type 4

Choose your desired combination from more than 30 leather colours!

This overview of prices/sizes is only for the purpose of pricing. Please always provide me the precise measurements of your dog according to my measuring guide! Every collar will be crafted especially for your dog after your provided specifications.

Clasp variants:
Neck circumference:
Metal fittings:
Price*: 35.40 EUR
plus shipping

* All product prices are end prices plus shipping costs. Sales tax is not listed, since the Seller is a small trader within the meaning of Article 19, Para 1 German Turnover Tax Act.